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Summer Solstice 2023

Are you feeling it? The energies are rapidly flowing, time undulating from fast to slow, to fast. Lessons and opportunities arise to clear past woundings in relationships and repeating situations, from this life and other lifetimes. This is such a beautiful opportunity that bestows us all, to go within our own hearts and make the choice between staying stuck in the past pains and shadows, OR choosing love to release you from painful shackles. 

Some of you may be reading this and have been experiencing navigating, clearing and transmuting deep heavy woes, challenges and overcoming stuckness. Others may be going through such painful challenge and turmoil as I write these words. I acknowledge your pain, and I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Know that on the other side of this detox, is a level of peace, love and connection that you may have never felt before; that is certainly true for myself.  

Summer Solstice Transmutation

Transmutation is an incredibly powerful Soul-FULL Alchemical process, and right now the amount of solar flares, cosmic light and Ascension on this planet, the veil so thin and the frequency and density of the earth and its inhabitants are literally lighting up and becoming more enlightened through this process, is the biggest blessing anyone could ask for right now…and it all comes down to souls choosing love over fear.

Past life karmas are/have been coming up to clear, removing old density programming from our subconscious and cellular memory, which means that once cleared, you no longer have to keep re-living painful lessons until you have learnt them, and then released them.

Unhealed trauma affects every part of your life, decisions, and reactions. It is important to see what is your own fears, and not project these fears onto others around you, and create destruction where there was none to begin with. 

Unhealed trauma triggers the reptilian part of our brain, which is driven by fear and survival. Fear is the slowest vibration, slowing our bodies systems to repair itself and push energy and resources to enable us to survive a threatening situation, with all of these stress hormones is reduces our abiilty to be creative, joyful and regenerate our bodies and vitality.

Trauma Transmutation Process

If you find yourself getting triggered in situations or relationships where your survival brain is kicking in and you are feeling like you want to fight, flight, freeze, fawn:

  1. Move your body to somewhere safe, ideally outside and get some fresh air
  2. Place your hands over your heart & breathe (swaying/moving your body is very comforting)
  3.  Separate yourself from the feeling, and OBSERVE the emotion, don’t let it absorb you.
  4. Ask what the feeling or emotion is, and why you feel that way. 
  5. ACKNOWLEDGE your pain and keep following the thread, until your pain feels seen, heard and listened to.
  6. Send golden love from your heart to this pain, and/or ask Love/Source/God/ to send healing to this pain.
  7. Let it go & release it.
  8. Drink some water, get some sunshine on your skin, do, observe or act with something beautiful, healing and nourishing.
  9. If you have someone safe and loving to support you, connect with them if it feels right, and if it is just you, do what makes you happy, joyful and free.

Choose Love over Fear, even if you are deep in an episode of darkness, say to yourself  “I choose to live in Love. I am safe. I am loved. I am loving. I am loveable.” Use EFT tapping and say these words, or other loving and comforting words to yourself aloud, if you feel you need this.


An incredible opportunity to laser your focus on what you want for your personal future, and the future of our beautiful earth.

What does that look, feel, smell, hear like?

Connect with your heart in nature, find some quiet space to reflect and just be with yourself, listen to your heart and write down what comes from within.

Ride these energetic waves & plant your future seeds

Solstice, Equinoxes, solar flares, and planetary alignments (dates and planetary/star alignments, are powerful gateways, portals and vortexes that magnify, uplift, can help you and this planet to shift to a higher more loving and peaceful timeline. 

Align your choices in love always. Be conscious and aware of your triggers, reactions and decision-making, from your relationships and lifes circumstances, to navigate challenges with as much love, truth, integrity and neutrality as you possibly can – this is what will neutralise past karmas, and prevent trauma loops and cycles to continue any further. Always choose love and keep yourself and others in the highest, most loving and compassionate of thoughts and intentions. 

Ask Arch Angel Lavender or Master Jesus to open and heal your heart, or the heart of others that are stuck in a dark and painful cycle.

Much love to you all on your journeys. Have faith in Love and Love will always shower you with healing, transmutation and protection.

Jennifer xx