Finding Faith | 108 Healing Senses

Finding Faith

When you have lost faith in yourself or fear the worst in external circumstances, your divine connection with your Love Source Creator / God / Universe, has been distorted, manipulated, tested. The word God has much pain attached to it from many lifetimes of persecution, so please going forward with my message or with others, replace with Love / Source / Creator Universe / Love Source Creator.

You are God. God is You. There is no seperation. At a cosmic level, there is no real threat to your existence. God/your Love Source Creator  made you, and no one or no thing can ever destroy you or seperate you. Our hearts is the gateway connection to our Love Source Creator, and it is our individual choice and responsibility if we shut our hearts down, or not.

Your soul may experience a range of darkness and light, throughout every lifetime and incarnation. You will experience great compassion for darkness, when you have gone through it yourself, and know that no one or no thing deserves that level of pain or dissconnection from Love. Call upon your Love Source Creator, higher realm beings, divine intervention, divine assistance, Jesus, Arch Angels, if you ever need love, strength, protection, guidance, clarity. Ask and you shall receive always. Your intention must come from a place of love, and not intend to overpower or distort the freewill of others – asking for the highest good for all in a situation is a great start.

Love is your Birthright 

Your cosmic cellular structure has a Love divine blueprint. Love is your birthright, it is your foundations, it the reason for your existence and beingness in the first place. It is your individual choice and responsibility for how you turn up in life, it is your choice how you react in situations, it is your choice how you reflect and take responsibility for your part in co-creation with other souls, situations or places. 

Shadow Work

Unhealed wounds can distort your perceptions, make you project our own unhealed fears onto others, creating the very thing you fear the most. The blessing that comes with unhealed shadows, is that they make themselves known to you, so you can see them to heal them. 

Even when you are in pain, ALWAYS CHOOSE TO SURRENDER YOURSELF IN LOVE. Ask for clarity, ask for divine help, choose loving actions or inactions, create space and change of environment if you feel you need it. You are meant to feel love running through your vains, but if you are in a constant state of fight or flight, terror, anger, pain, fear; you need space and probably a change of environment and habits from your circumstances or relationships, to redefine your life and go inwards through your heart and connect with your divine Love Source Creator.  

Finding Faith throughout Cosmic History 

Eons of time of cosmic war, manipulation, and distortion placed by (s)low vibrational beings, have done their best to sever your connection with your Creator. Each of us have inbuilt programming for loving devotion and commitment to our Creator, and when you loose faith, what tends to happen is that people will seek other people, things, movements, technology, beings to take the place for your passionate devotion and commitment; whilst deep down on a soul level your heart desperately seeks to reconnect with its Love Source Creator.

Addicted to Finding Love?

Why do you think everyone is so addicted to finding love? They deeply crave their loving connection with their Love Creator, which expresses and channels this incredible Love force through Sacred Divine Partnership and Sacred Sex (more to come on this).

Nothing will ever be able to replace your original Love Source Creator, but your willingness and open heartedness to experience love, even if there is pain and loss throughout your life, but not holding onto the darkness, shutting the world out and keeping your heart closed; will only dim your light and limit you from ascending and living in Christ Consciousness/Nirvana/Heavenly Ascension and setting your soul free from low vibrational and dense fear programming.

Finding Faith in your Soul Journey

This is your incredible soul journey and may I say adventure! Transcending from darkness to light, alchemising fear into love, letting go of control and surrendering yourself to the universe and miracles that will go in your favour when you live in love. Compassion is your tool for raising the vibration for yourself and for our planet, mother earth Gaia. Gaia is already ascending her frequency into higher and higher levels of love; it is our job to move with her – what an incredible time to be alive right now! Everyone deserves and is worthy of love, to be loved and experience love. All beings are worthy and deserving to live in peace…the choice is up to each of us and surrender to love, to the strength and the innocence of a child that will stream through you. 

Always Choose Love 💜

Choose love, truth, honesty, integrity. Reflect within to heal your wounds, which will ultimately stop you from projecting your unhealed wounds onto others. Moving from fear, blame, shame, guilt TO LOVE, joy, playfulness, creativity, freedom, integrity, honesty.  

Remember, you are love, loving and loved. You are one with all that is, and all that will be. Compassion is your tool to apply to every situation, and choose loving thoughts and actions towards yourself and others (tough love and boundaries is also love in action). Honour and acknowledge your pain, and open your heart and surrender yourself in love always.

Jennifer xx

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