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If you are interested in vibrationally fine-tuning your message, project, business or mission to the world, get in contact and let’s see how we can work together and bring your vision to life.

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Conscious Design Consultancy: Design Led By Nature

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Branding, Marketing, Post-Production

Design Strategy, Website Design, Website Hosting, User Interface (UI) Design, Logo Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design, Service Design, Social Media, Video Platform Manager, SEO & Marketing Strategist, Copy-writing, Content Creator, Photography, Photo Correction, Producer, Video & Audio Production, Video Post-Production.

Working with companies to align their branding, design, content, marketing, product, services and message, to shine each clients unique conscious vibration and message, throughout every part of their company and content creation. 

If you are looking to future-proof your business, get your content online across multiple video and social media channels, and monetise your knowledge as a:

Conscious Business Owner, Content Creator, Facilitator, Teacher, Healer, Creative, Artisan

  • And seeking guidance to design, produce, record, publish and monetise your knowledge, as a course, workshop, book, blog, podcast, membership.
  • Want to sell from your own E-Commerce shop, and diversify or avoid the ever-increasing fees and restrictions to sell your products through Etsy, Ebay etc. 
  • Wishing to fine-tune and Consciously Brand your company design assets, illustrations, logo, documents, to a clean, high vibration, that will positively impact your clients, audience and internal team.
  • Streamlining teams and their technical systems: software, hardware, platforms,
  • System/service/design templates,
  • Create consciously designed merchandise for your community, and passive income as a bonus,
  • Branded video production, editing & graphics,
  • Audio post-production for podcasts, meditations, workshops, online content.

Not only will you have access to a large range of skills and experience, your designs will also vibrationally glow with bespoke and powerful combinations of ancient knowledge held within colours, numbers, symbols and sounds, unique for each brand, project, message and platform; that will directly and positively affect the subconscious mind of your clients and audience, to activate states and frequencies such as unification, harmony, love, peace, activating energy, protection and groundedness, using the 4 Elements: Air, Water, Earth & Fire as a base throughout your bespoke frequency creations.

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